Momoko & Ruruko doll



RURUKO Fresh Ruruko 1607 

Size: Approx. H22cm
Body: PW Specially Ordered Pure Neemo Flection XS/Fully Posable
Hair Color: Espresso Brown
Eye Color: Turquoise Blue
Skin Color: Natural Color
Produced by: Petworks

Mask design: Yoko Tokinori
Sculptor (head, body), Keisuke Sawada (Sawada Kobo)
Clothes production: Taeko Sekiguchi
Pre-order – Click here


Sekiguchi momoko DOLL Lady Long Legs

Denim shorts that fits with a simple jacket giving clean impression
Casual elegant Momoko with charming slender legs

Size : Approx. H27cm
Skin Color: Fair complexion skin
Hair Style: Single Braid
Hair Color: Champagne Brown
Eye Shadow: Pale Lavender
Pupil: Indigo Blue
Lips: Milky Pink
Package Includes:
– Momoko doll
– Tailored Jacket
– Crop tops
– Denim rolled up shorts
– Sunglasses
– Open-toe Booties
Produced by: Sekiguchi
Pre-order – Click here

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Professional Diabolo is now available in Toymalaysia


HYPERSPIN diabolo comes with hyper-bearing technology is incredibly smooth with extremely fast spinning speed and prolonged spinning duration. HYPERSPIN is suitable for all range of players from the beginner to a seasoned pro. HYPERSPIN components is made of high quality materials hence it is deemed as a fine product.

HYPERSPIN which originate from Taiwan has been made available in major cities globally e.g. Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and continue growing.

HYPERSPIN diabolo is designed and manufactured by Diabolo Dance Theatre while Diabolo Dance Theatre is striving to achieve dreams and to share the best product to the world.

You may purchase high quality and professional grade Diabolo in toymalaysia now!
Click here:

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The Dolly Insider Interview


We are delighted to be featured in The Dolly Insider’s Interviews & Giveaway, our interview could be found at


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P-158 Pullip Eve Sweet Innocent Flowers Series


The gorgeous Pullip Eve Sweet which is the first doll from the Innocent Flowers and also no.1 survey doll from the Tokyo Doll Show 2015 is now available from our store

Get her from our store today

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Revoltech Danboard Mini TOWER RECORDS ver.

“Revoltech Danboard Mini TOWER RECORDS ver.” is first ever series with yellow body and Tower Records logo and the familiar “NO MUSIC, NO LIFE.” tagline printed. Collaboration with the “Tower Records” not only Danboard itself but also the product packaging, it finished in the same size as the CD since Tower Records are all about Music CDs.  

Get yourself a limited edition Tower Records Danboard Mini today @ Toymalaysia.Com

* The small black switch on the right side of Mini Danboard face is the switch for the eyes light.

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Middie Blythe Cool Pool Lemonade


Cool Pool Lemonade’s dress and swim suit are cute, but her biggest charm point is her warmly sun tanned skin!
Her swimsuit is a vibrant blue and pink bikini that plays beautifully off of her tan, with a cute pink ribbon on her breast and on the rear of the pareo. Put her white rimmed sunglasses on or wrap her matching pareo around her waist to give her that extra adorable oomph!

The lemon patterned dress is a perfect match for her energetic and fresh personality. The blue denim ribbon is perfect to tie her hair with, and the heart shaped earrings and lemon yellow flat shoes are a great match for the summer. Her brown, permed hair which is cut short at the bangs, can be put up at the beach or down for a stroll around town. Her face color is mocha, which is a Middie first. Her eyeshadow is brown, cheeks pink, and her lips orange-pink. Her eye color is emerald green.

Buy it now at official store



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Dolly Japan Vol. 4


Dolly Japan magazine is a brand new publication from Hobby Japan that outline the newest doll design within Japan which covers the release schedules, new product details and collectors editorials. The magazine will be on a quarterly release.

Vol 4 is having special coverage on Pullip and Blythe and there are also doll outfit sewing tips. This publication is on Japanese language.

Buy now :


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CCSgirl CCS 15SS ruruko & momoko doll – available soon @ toymalaysia

CCS 15SS ruruko & momoko – the 2 gorgeous girls in yarn vest are going to be available @ toymalaysia soon, contact us if you are interested to know more about pre-order information now!
Pre-Order Price: 690 MYR (Exclude shipping)
Pre-Order Deposit: 100 MYR (Not refundable)
** Estimated arrival date: Mid to late May-2015

CCSgirl 15SS Ruruko 

CCSgirl is, PetWORKs doll fashion brand CCS sister brand.
Pureneemo body XS + PetWORKs original head doll of ruruko will dress.
momoko and or in matching outfits, we will propose a cute children’s clothing CCSgirl unique.

“CCSgirl 15SS ruruko” is innocent ruruko an overlay of white.
And with a strong contrast in black boots.

Contents: Ruruko body, one-piece, knit vest, pumpkin pants, socks (STOC),  button-up boots (STOC)
Hair Color: Dark Ash Brown
Eye color: turquoise blue
skin color: fair skin

Mask design: use this when
PW bespoke Pureneemo Flection XS / full mobile: body
head-body prototype: Sawada Keisuke (Sawada studio)
costumes Production: Kasama Aya, Sekiguchi Taeko
Height approx 22cm PVC, ABS resin, knitted costumes, cloth costume

※ The photograph may differ from the final specification for the development in the sample. Please understand.

CCS 15SS momoko

CCS is to stick to materials and detail, the trend in daily use around the knit
doll fashion brand was arranged.
PW-momoko will dress.

“CCS 15SS momoko” is innocent momoko an overlay of white.
And with a strong contrast in black boots.

PW-momoko body, one-piece, knit vest, tap pants, engineer boots (STOC).
Specifications: Cool Face, (no eyelashes) Eye askance of Daruburu, gray surround eye line, beige pink outer corner of the eye shadow blur, matte beige pink smile lip. Soft Black × Copper Brown short hair White of the nail to fair skin.

Sculpted: Sawada Keisuke (Sawada studio)
costume production: Sekiguchi Taeko, Kasama Aya
Height approx 27cm PVC, ABS resin, knitted costumes, cloth costume

※ The photograph may differ from the final specification for the development in the sample. Please understand.

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P-141 Pullip Rozen Maiden Kanaria

pullip kanariakanariaVS2-2

Pullip as Rozen Maiden Kanaria VS Dal as Rozen Maiden Kanaria, which version of Kanaria you prefer?
By the way P-141 Pullip Rozen Maiden Kanaria pre-order is coming soon.
More products please visit


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P-137 Pullip Sailor Mars out of box

Sailor Mars is the one of heroin character in sailor moon series. Pullip as Sailor Mars had brought up her distinctive edgy outlook. We had literally removed her from the box with some photo shots to show everyone how gorgeous she is.

Pullip Mars Debox2

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