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New Arrival: P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura, P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami, D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka, I-910 Isul Tete, J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett, A-729 Ai BJD Holly, DD-535 Docolla Little Dal Ikamusume

P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura

P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami

D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka

I-910 Isul Tete

A-729 Ai BJD Holly

J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett

DD-535 Docolla Little Dal Ikamusume


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Pre-Order: January 2012 Groove Inc Dolls – P-052 Pullip Yona Multinic Series, T-226 Taeyang Hide, D-136 Dal Dalcomi Beary Fairy Series, B-319 Byul Secomi Beary Fairy Series, S-630 Sasha Kiki, S-628 Sasha Lala, DD-542 Docolla Little Dal Kyubey, A-731 Ai Aquilegia

Groove Inc January 2012 doll has opened for pre-order and the interesting highlight would be the introduction of new series “beary fairy” with the debut doll of Dal Dalcomi & Byul Secomi.  Pre-order now as both are selling fast!
Nevertheless,  Groove Inc has also launched their new product “Sasha” – Animal head series of dolls with 2 debut dolls – “Kiki” & “Lala” on the same month.

Groove Inc new series “Beary Fairy” Dal Dalcomi & Byul Secomi

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Pre-Order: December Groove Inc Dolls – P-050 Pullip Nella Gothic Lolita Bible, T-223 Taeyang Blackjack, I-911 Isul Johan Gothic Lolita Bible, B-317 Byul Pinoko Blackjack, DP-429 Docolla Little Pullip Himura Kenshin, D-535 Docolla Little Dal ChaCha, U-852 Pangju Peach-Pang, A-730 Ai Peony

P-050 Pullip Nella Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-Order I-911 Isul Johan Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-order T-223 Taeyang Blackjack 2011 Pre-Order B-317 Byul Pinoko Blackjack Pre-Order
DP-429 Docolla Little Pullip Himura Kenshin Pre-Order DD-536 Docolla Little Dal ChaCha Pre-Order A-730 Ai Peony Pre-Order U-852 Pangju Peach-Pang Pre-Order
P-050 Pullip Nella Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-Order
I-911 Isul Johan Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-order
T-223 Taeyang Blackjack Pre-Order
B-317 Byul Pinoko Blackjack Pre-Order
DP-429 Docolla Little Pullip Himura Kenshin Pre-Order
DD-536 Docolla Little Dal ChaCha Pre-Order
A-730 Ai Peony Pre-Order
U-852 Pangju Peach-Pang Pre-Order

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Pre-Order: November Groove Inc Dolls – P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami, P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura, D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka, I-910 Isul Tete, J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett, A-729 Aidoll Holly, DB-372 Docolla Byul Creamy Mami, DD-535 Docolla Dal Ikamusume

P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami Pre-Order P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura Pre-Order D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka Pre-Order I-910 Isul Tete Pre-Order
J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett Pre-Order A-729 Aidoll Holly Pre-Order DB-372 Docolla Byul Creamy Mami Pre-Order DD-535 Docolla Dal Ikamusume Pre-Order

P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami 
P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura
D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka
I-910 Isul Tete
J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett
A-729 Aidoll Holly
DB-372 Docolla Byul Creamy Mami
DD-535 Docolla Dal Ikamusume

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Announcement: Toymalaysia Wigs for Redemption

After several months of point system trial run, we have come to a stage where we start offering item for redemption. point system and redemption policies (effective 21-May-2011)

  1. Only eligible for Pre-Order matching below pre-requirements:-
    -Payment made via Bank Transfer only.
  2. Groove products participating in point system:-
    -J Doll
  3. Each Pre-order doll entitled for 1 point only.
  4. Shipping cost RM 5 (flat rate) to be bear by customer per redemption transaction.
  5. Please send your redemption request to
  6. reserve the right to alter, add to, or amend any of these policies.
Toymalaysia Wigs for Redemption 
More photos please visit –> Toymalaysia Facebook

TMW-06 Brown Wig with Buns (3 Points) [ out of stock]
TMW-07-Light Blue Wig (4 Points)
TMW-08-Grey Wavy Wig (3 Points)

TMW-09-Light Purple Wig (3 Points)

TMW-10-Pink Long Wig (3 Points) – Out of stock 

TMW-11-Purple & Black Wig (3 Points)
More photos please visit –> Toymalaysia Facebook
—- Addendum —-
Some points to take note on previous email communication sent to the pre-order customers on Jan-19 & 20
Pilot batch Pre-Order customers that participated on point system was communicated via “Payment Request” email previously.
** Accumulated point will be shown on the “Order Confirmed” email. – Still remain.
** Accumulated points are not transferable still remain. – Still remain.


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Pre-Order: July 2011 Groove Inc Dolls – Romantic Alice World Series

P-038 Pullip Romantic Alice

T-217 Taeyang Romantic Mad Hatter 

B-312 Byul Romantic Queen

LP-426 Little Pullip Grell

LD-528 Little Dal Ciel 

LT-271 Little Taeyang Sebastian

J-625 JDoll Nerudova Ulice

A-724 Ai Leonotics

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