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Middie Blythe Cool Pool Lemonade


Cool Pool Lemonade’s dress and swim suit are cute, but her biggest charm point is her warmly sun tanned skin!
Her swimsuit is a vibrant blue and pink bikini that plays beautifully off of her tan, with a cute pink ribbon on her breast and on the rear of the pareo. Put her white rimmed sunglasses on or wrap her matching pareo around her waist to give her that extra adorable oomph!

The lemon patterned dress is a perfect match for her energetic and fresh personality. The blue denim ribbon is perfect to tie her hair with, and the heart shaped earrings and lemon yellow flat shoes are a great match for the summer. Her brown, permed hair which is cut short at the bangs, can be put up at the beach or down for a stroll around town. Her face color is mocha, which is a Middie first. Her eyeshadow is brown, cheeks pink, and her lips orange-pink. Her eye color is emerald green.

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Dolly Japan Vol. 4


Dolly Japan magazine is a brand new publication from Hobby Japan that outline the newest doll design within Japan which covers the release schedules, new product details and collectors editorials. The magazine will be on a quarterly release.

Vol 4 is having special coverage on Pullip and Blythe and there are also doll outfit sewing tips. This publication is on Japanese language.

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