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Announcement: Toymalaysia web store is back online

Dear customer,

Toymalaysia web store service has restored


Dear customer, web store is currently experiencing technical difficulties, you might not be able to view the web store at the moment until the restoration of service has fully completed.

Our technical support is currently working on getting the toymalaysia web store back online.

Mean time, please visit for any latest update.

Business as usual, any question or inquiries please have them mailed to


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Pre-Order: Sengoku Basara Series Pullip Date Masamune, Taeyang Chosokabe Motochika, Dal Sanada Yukimura, Isul Mori Motonari & Byul Sarutobi Sasuke

P-031 Pullip Date Masamune
T-218 Taeyang Chosokabe Motochika
D-126 Dal Sanada Yukimura
B-313 Byul Sarutobi Sasuke
I-905 Isul Mori Motonari

Pre-Order Maximum estimated price RM 370 each

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Let’s pray for Japan 。日本の祈り


Come Join us in prayer for Japan

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New Items: Iamnumfon Taeyang Outfit

For larger image please click here

Shipping charge: WM – Free / EM – RM 5 (via PosLaju)
To purchase, please contact “” directly (Item not available on web store)
**International shipping please contact us.
** The color on the photo might be slightly different then actual item

T009 – RM 49
T010 – RM 49
T011 –  RM 49
T012 –  RM 49
T013 –  RM 40.50
T014  – RM 40.50

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Restock: Taeyang Sage, Shade, Jade, Black Butler Sebastian, Edward Scissorshand, Rayne, Richt

F-911 Taeyang Sage

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Restock: Dal Hina Ichigo, Ciel, Puki, Maretti

F-303 Dal Hina Ichigo

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New Items: 1/6 scale doll fashion handbags

Selling Price: RM33 each
Shipping charge: RM5 single charge for every purchase (via PosLaju for East & West Malaysia only)
To purchase, please contact “” directly (Item not available on web store)
**International shipping please contact us.
**Free shipping charge if you joint shipping with any purchase from toymalaysia web store.

Product Code: LV001  [Sold]

Product Code: LV002

Product Code: LV003

Product Code: LV004

Product Code: LV005  [Sold]

Product Code: LV006 [Sold]

Product Code: LV007 [Sold]

Product Code: LV008 [Sold]

Product Code: LV009 [Sold]

Product Code: LV010 [Sold]

Product Code: LV011 [Sold]

Product Code: LV012 [Sold]

Product Code: LV013

Product Code: LV014 [Sold]

Product Code: LV015 [Sold]

Product Code: LV016

Product Code: LV017

Product Code: LV018

Product Code: LV019

Product Code: LV020

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New Arrival: Little Pullip Seini, Little Dal George

LP-421 Little Pullip Seini
Buy it now!

LD-521 Little Dal George
Buy it now!


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New Arrival: Pullip Jaldet, Taeyang Raiki, Dal Ra Muw, Isul Apollo

P-023 Pullip Jaldet

T-211 Taeyang Raiki

D-121 Dal Ra Muw

I-903 Isul Apollo

For those who pre-order, we will be sending  item arrival notification latest by 5 March 2011. Thank you.

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Preorder: Dollte-Porte series

P-032 Pullip Porte Henri Pre-Order DEPOSIT
P-032 Pullip Porte Henri
Preorder now!

D-127 Dal Porte Charlemagne Pre-Order DEPOSIT
D-127 Dal Porte Charlemagne
Preorder now!

T-219 Taeyang Porte Alfred Pre-Order DEPOSIT
T-219 Taeyang Porte Alfred
Preorder now!

B-314 Byul Porte Leroy Pre-Order DEPOSIT
B-314 Byul Porte Leroy
Preorder now!

I-906 Isul Porte Vesslle Pre-Order DEPOSIT
I-906 Isul Porte Vesslle
Preorder now!

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