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P-158 Pullip Eve Sweet Innocent Flowers Series


The gorgeous Pullip Eve Sweet which is the first doll from the Innocent Flowers and also no.1 survey doll from the Tokyo Doll Show 2015 is now available from our store

Get her from our store today

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I-920 Isul Johan Retro memory ver.

Isul Johan Retro (2)
I-920 Isul Johan Retro memory ver.

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P-067 Pullip Snow White

Pullip Snow White
P-067 Pullip Snow White

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New Arrival: February 2012 Groove Inc Dolls

P-042 Pullip Seila

T-221 Taeyang Natsume

T-224 Taeyang Willy Wonka

B-315 Byul Paradis

A-732 Ai BJD Zephyr

DB-370 Docolla Little Byul Oompa Loompa

O-802 Pullip Outfit Set: Black Peace Now 

O-803 Pullip Outfit Set: Black Peace Now 

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Pre-Order: May 2012 Groove Inc Dolls

May-2012 Groove Inc doll for pre-order has stated, the featured dolls of the month of May would be the 1st anniversary Pullip x VOCALOID Meiko special edition, the long awaiting Pullip Beary Fairy Kiyomi after the series released, the gorgeous Dal Heart Macaroon from Angelic Pretty Series as well as both cool looking Taeyang(s) hide DOUBT & DOUBT LE 500 version.
In the month of May, Groove Inc will also introduced a new series called “The Princess Series SNOW WHITE” and the first character that will be launching on May would be Isul Midnight déjà vu
Start your pre-order with us now !!
P-053 Pullip Vocaloid Meiko Pre-Order P-057  Pullip Kiyomi Beary Fairy Pre-OrderD-138 Dal Heart Macaroon Angelic Pretty Pre-Order I-916 Isul Midnight déjà vu Pre-Order
A-734 Ai BJD Moss Rose Pre-Order T-228 Taeyang hide DOUBT Limited Edition 500 Pre-Order T-230 Taeyang hide DOUBT Version Pre-Order

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New Arrival: P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura, P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami, D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka, I-910 Isul Tete, J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett, A-729 Ai BJD Holly, DD-535 Docolla Little Dal Ikamusume

P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura

P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami

D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka

I-910 Isul Tete

A-729 Ai BJD Holly

J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett

DD-535 Docolla Little Dal Ikamusume

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Pre-Order: January 2012 Groove Inc Dolls – P-052 Pullip Yona Multinic Series, T-226 Taeyang Hide, D-136 Dal Dalcomi Beary Fairy Series, B-319 Byul Secomi Beary Fairy Series, S-630 Sasha Kiki, S-628 Sasha Lala, DD-542 Docolla Little Dal Kyubey, A-731 Ai Aquilegia

Groove Inc January 2012 doll has opened for pre-order and the interesting highlight would be the introduction of new series “beary fairy” with the debut doll of Dal Dalcomi & Byul Secomi.  Pre-order now as both are selling fast!
Nevertheless,  Groove Inc has also launched their new product “Sasha” – Animal head series of dolls with 2 debut dolls – “Kiki” & “Lala” on the same month.

Groove Inc new series “Beary Fairy” Dal Dalcomi & Byul Secomi

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Pre-Order: December Groove Inc Dolls – P-050 Pullip Nella Gothic Lolita Bible, T-223 Taeyang Blackjack, I-911 Isul Johan Gothic Lolita Bible, B-317 Byul Pinoko Blackjack, DP-429 Docolla Little Pullip Himura Kenshin, D-535 Docolla Little Dal ChaCha, U-852 Pangju Peach-Pang, A-730 Ai Peony

P-050 Pullip Nella Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-Order I-911 Isul Johan Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-order T-223 Taeyang Blackjack 2011 Pre-Order B-317 Byul Pinoko Blackjack Pre-Order
DP-429 Docolla Little Pullip Himura Kenshin Pre-Order DD-536 Docolla Little Dal ChaCha Pre-Order A-730 Ai Peony Pre-Order U-852 Pangju Peach-Pang Pre-Order
P-050 Pullip Nella Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-Order
I-911 Isul Johan Gothic Lolita Bible Pre-order
T-223 Taeyang Blackjack Pre-Order
B-317 Byul Pinoko Blackjack Pre-Order
DP-429 Docolla Little Pullip Himura Kenshin Pre-Order
DD-536 Docolla Little Dal ChaCha Pre-Order
A-730 Ai Peony Pre-Order
U-852 Pangju Peach-Pang Pre-Order

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Restock Pre-Order: Byul Rhiannon Steam Punk Project

Byul Rhiannon Steam Punk Project restock pre-order SALES
Restock Pre-order Pricing: 320 MYR (Special Price)
Estimated stock availability: mid to end October-2011

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Announcement: Romantic Alice World Series Doll Lottery Result

We proudly announce the lottery result for Romantic Alice World Series:-

Daniel Tan      Order number: P000000269
Jessica Lee     Order number: P000000289
Shiley Liou     Order number: P000000285

Congratulation!! The winner will be eligible to purchase 1 doll from Romantic Alice World Series at RM 300.

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