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The Dolly Insider Interview


We are delighted to be featured in The Dolly Insider’s Interviews & Giveaway, our interview could be found at


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Toymalaysia Webstore Unschedule Maintainance

Toymalaysia Webstore is currently inaccessible due to unscheduled maintenance, and the maintenance work is currently in progress.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused due to the sudden outage.
If you would like to contact us, please drop us an email at and alternatively you may visit our Facebook page for latest updates.

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I-921 Isul Shiraishi Akira

I-921 Isul Shiraishi Akira

I-921 Isul Shiraishi Akira

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P-063 Pullip Wonder Woman

P-063 Pullip Wonder Woman

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D-139 Dal Chenille Du Jardin

D-139 Dal Chenille Du Jardin

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Announcement: toymalaysia facebook

toymalaysia has consolidated the existing 2 facebook account into a single facebook page for convenience

Like toymalaysia now at


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Pre-Order: September Groove Inc Dolls P-035 Pullip Vocaloid Megurine Luka, T-220 Taeyang Vocaloid Kaito, D-133 Dal Gloomy, A-728 Ai Apple Blossom, J-627 J-Doll Artemis

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New Item: Doll Photography Backdrop

D-3373                                                                D-2373

D-2740                                                                D-2927

For more information click here

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Announcement: Toymalaysia Wigs for Redemption

After several months of point system trial run, we have come to a stage where we start offering item for redemption. point system and redemption policies (effective 21-May-2011)

  1. Only eligible for Pre-Order matching below pre-requirements:-
    -Payment made via Bank Transfer only.
  2. Groove products participating in point system:-
    -J Doll
  3. Each Pre-order doll entitled for 1 point only.
  4. Shipping cost RM 5 (flat rate) to be bear by customer per redemption transaction.
  5. Please send your redemption request to
  6. reserve the right to alter, add to, or amend any of these policies.
Toymalaysia Wigs for Redemption 
More photos please visit –> Toymalaysia Facebook

TMW-06 Brown Wig with Buns (3 Points) [ out of stock]
TMW-07-Light Blue Wig (4 Points)
TMW-08-Grey Wavy Wig (3 Points)

TMW-09-Light Purple Wig (3 Points)

TMW-10-Pink Long Wig (3 Points) – Out of stock 

TMW-11-Purple & Black Wig (3 Points)
More photos please visit –> Toymalaysia Facebook
—- Addendum —-
Some points to take note on previous email communication sent to the pre-order customers on Jan-19 & 20
Pilot batch Pre-Order customers that participated on point system was communicated via “Payment Request” email previously.
** Accumulated point will be shown on the “Order Confirmed” email. – Still remain.
** Accumulated points are not transferable still remain. – Still remain.


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Announcement: Vacation Notice

Dear customer,

 We will be away for vacation from 18-Apr and will be returned on 23-Apr. Item that you purchased during these period will only be shipped on 25-Apr. However, we are still reachable through email exchange but please expect slight delay in response.

 ** Please make your payment / purchase by 15-Apr if you wish your item to be shipped on 16-Apr otherwise your purchase will only be shipped on 25-Apr.

Apologies for inconvenience caused.


*Date and time mentioned are based on GMT +8

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