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Pre-Order: January 2012 Groove Inc Dolls – P-052 Pullip Yona Multinic Series, T-226 Taeyang Hide, D-136 Dal Dalcomi Beary Fairy Series, B-319 Byul Secomi Beary Fairy Series, S-630 Sasha Kiki, S-628 Sasha Lala, DD-542 Docolla Little Dal Kyubey, A-731 Ai Aquilegia

Groove Inc January 2012 doll has opened for pre-order and the interesting highlight would be the introduction of new series “beary fairy” with the debut doll of Dal Dalcomi & Byul Secomi.  Pre-order now as both are selling fast!
Nevertheless,  Groove Inc has also launched their new product “Sasha” – Animal head series of dolls with 2 debut dolls – “Kiki” & “Lala” on the same month.

Groove Inc new series “Beary Fairy” Dal Dalcomi & Byul Secomi

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