Pre-Order: November Groove Inc Dolls – P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami, P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura, D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka, I-910 Isul Tete, J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett, A-729 Aidoll Holly, DB-372 Docolla Byul Creamy Mami, DD-535 Docolla Dal Ikamusume

P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami Pre-Order P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura Pre-Order D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka Pre-Order I-910 Isul Tete Pre-Order
J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett Pre-Order A-729 Aidoll Holly Pre-Order DB-372 Docolla Byul Creamy Mami Pre-Order DD-535 Docolla Dal Ikamusume Pre-Order

P-049 Pullip Tomoe Mami 
P-048 Pullip Akemi Homura
D-134 Dal Kaname Madoka
I-910 Isul Tete
J-633 Jdoll Rua Garrett
A-729 Aidoll Holly
DB-372 Docolla Byul Creamy Mami
DD-535 Docolla Dal Ikamusume

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